Tuesday, January 06, 2009

My Very Own Best/Worst List

The time for best/worst lists is almost ending, but I still have a bit of time to slip this one in...

The Worst
These are the worst places to go expecting quality work and decent customer service, or if you want to put a more positive spin on it, the best places to go if you would like to lose money and time and be treated as if you are less than dirt.

Longwood Management, LLC

All Star Fence & Construction, LLC

I haven't written about All Star before, but I think of them often as I run the gauntlet by having to dart through the parking gate they allegedly repaired at my condo before it closes on my car like the jaws of death. I also remember them fondly as I listen to the sound to the ill-repaired gate dragging against the concrete because my condo faces the parking gate.

As expected, they are loathe to actually finish the job, being no-shows for follow-up and citing trumped-up technicalities in the contract to explain why they bear no responsibility for the screeching, ill-timed gate.


The Best

Conversely, here are the best places to let the management know that you have a complaint because it will likely be resolved to your satisfaction and amazement.

Landmark E Theaters


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