Sunday, April 30, 2006

A chapter entitled mountain=molehole
or 'This too shall pass'

The other day I ran into someone I had not seen in about a year. That person reminded me of a "dilemma" I'd had when they'd seen me last. When asked, "What did you decide do about XYZ?", I thought "XYZ?"


In less than a year's time I'd forgotten about that all important issue.

And really, I couldn't see why I had manufactured such a quandary.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

The Price of Parking

I do not live or go to church in DC, but I have visited enough churches in various cities to know that parking is a serious matter on Sunday morning. It has gotten so serious in DC that 1) the mayor wanted to fine church attendees for double parking and 2) churchgoers and church leaders staged a protest.

At first I thought, if we can stage a protest about parking, then maybe we could go on to protest other, more pressing issues.

Then I started listening more to what people were saying, and saw that the streets of DC on Sunday morning are yet another place where race, class, and religion intersect. Churchgoers feel they are being pushed out in favor of the newly-gentrified DC. When the 'hood was rundown, no one cared who parked where, but now that it is
up-and- coming, recent transplants resent the traditional Sunday morning parking arrangements. The city saw an opportunity to appease newcomers, who presumably have money, and make some ca$h at the same time.

Mayor Postpones Church Parking Crackdown:

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Food and Fellowship Really Do Transcend Boundaries

Case in point: For the last 2 years my brother and his wife have had a Muslim, Jews, and Christians over for Easter brunch.

I do not have any naive hopes of replicating this on a large, global scale. I'm just saying that there are some basic things that we all enjoy.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Never Enough

Being ungrateful is part of the human condition, although at times, I get a jolt of recognition that takes me away from griping long enough for me to see just how much I really do have.

Reminders of this are often more potent when they come from other people because it is easier to point to someone else's ingratitude than to reflect on my own.

The other day I gave my niece some stickers--not anything that she needed, but something I knew that she enjoyed, and as I handed them to her she said,

"Is that all?"