Monday, January 28, 2008


This is for Brian who popped out of his cubicle like a whack-a-mole creature to ask about the blog.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Sticks and Stones

The other day a gentleman tried to get my attention as I walked down the street. He did not speak to me directly, but instead said something in my ear as he rushed past me. I barely knew he had spoken, but no matter. the fact that I didn't reply was proof enough that I was set on ignoring and disrespecting him.

He began to yell back over his shoulder at me. "I SAID Hello!!!"

Normally I ignore this sorts of thing--there is no need for me to get stabbed in the eye by some lunatic. But for some reason that day I was annoyed enough to yell back. I don't even know what I said. Something about talking to people and not whispering in their ears.

Then I went into Starbucks. The older man and his daughter who had witnessed all of this also went into Starbucks.

I got in line and perused the front page of a newspaper. Lo and behold the "gentleman caller" also decided to patronize Starbucks. "What did you say?"

"It was nice meeting you. Goodbye." Then I returned to my paper.

He paused and then made ready to hurl his insult. "Nerd," he said as if I were a truly despicable creature.

Obviously,during our brief encounter, he had managed to look inside my soul. But, is that any way to treat your true love?

I threw my head back and laughed, as the older man stared.

Monday, January 07, 2008

Kiss of Death

The Washington Post ran an article about a kiss-in in South Africa where youths protested what they saw as overly strict laws about physical interaction involving kids under 16.

The laws were put in place to prevent molestation, statutory rape and to see to it that no one took advantage of young people who are developmentally challenged.
The idea was not to prosecute consensual acts of affection, although technically, that could happen.

As with most laws, you start out trying to do good in one way, but do harm in another. Or create further havoc with some odd loophole that no one could have imagined

Teenagrs mobilized on FaceBook to rise up against this injustice of this law that could prevent them from kissing.

But here is the funniest part: the perceived unfairness of the law based on the fact that the teenage years are the best ones for kissing because once you get "old", all bets are off:

"We're young. We need to experiment," Natalie Winston, 12, said before the protest here. "When you're 21, you're old already, and ugly."

Read the whole article here.