Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Wonder as I Wander

Why is it that people always stop and ask me for directions when I'm on vacation? I guess I look like I belong...Anyone who knows me knows how often I get lost at home, so this seems rather odd. Not only do I look like I know where I'm going when I'm out of town, I blend in so well, I get mistaken for an employee. In a gift shop, someone asked me if I worked at the place before ringing me up...presumably to give me the employee discount.

Speaking of wandering...on my flight out, the crew created an elaborate ruse to keep an 11-year-old guessing about our destination since the trip was a birthday surprise from her mother. Every time they made an announcement, they referred to various tropical locations ("We are now 2000 feet above Barbados." "As we make our descent into Puerto Rico...") I was glad to be going where I was going, but hearing the names of all these other places while half asleep on the early morning flight, made me wonder if I wasn't going to some island and sort of wish that I really were.

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D. Bradley said...

I think you have a good sense of direction.