Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Work/Life Balance

Yesterday I was in a store and I heard a little voice say, "Do you live here?" I looked down at there was a little boy looking up at me. He repeated the question. I was puzzled.

"It's 'Do you work here?'" his mother corrected him.

I'm glad she cleared that up. Her little boy was practicing his concerned consumer skills, learning early that you may have to question several people in a store before you can find one to help you. And while some people do live at work, I neither lived nor worked there, so I couldn't help him.


MMS said...

I find that our little people don't always know the difference between working somewhere and living there. Everytime we go through a drive-thru, my little man asks if the lady/man lives there. I have to explain that s/he lives somewhere else, but go work there, just like mommy goes to work in the morning, etc., etc. He seems to understand ... at least until the next drive-thru.

jb said...

It isn't just the little people who don't know the difference...