Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Seeing the Light

As last weekend's hurricane-inspired rains approached, my flashlight was nowhere to be found. Though I didn't anticipate being without light, I thought it was time I stopped playing around with hurricanes and such. For once I was going to be (somewhat) prepared. So I stopped to buy a flashlight and some non-perishables.

I was in the hardware store trying to be patient because the people in front of me were having a good ol'time chattin' with the cashier and whatnot. But as is always the case, my face gave me away. A woman who worked there, but who was not the cashier, saw me and told the cashier to speed it up a little. The discussion centered around a box of insect bait. A woman teased an older man, saying he wouldn't let her buy it. And they all talked about why that brand was the best.

When the woman who tried to help me in my quest to purchase the flashlight and get home out of the torrential rain that was already falling interrupted, I saw that the older man was Marion Barry.

Marion Barry is (again) running to re-claim his seat on the DC council, representing Ward 8. Today is the day Ward 8 decides if they want to give him another go 'round. If you are supposed to be voting in some election, get yourself to the polls.

As for me, I have been tricked into returning to the hardware store because they don't take credit cards and the helpful employee let me get the flashlight and batteries on her tab.

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