Monday, September 29, 2008

I Wanted a Cut and Color and All I Got Was This Lousy Story

This fifth time is the charm (or so I hope). Yes, I know that the saying really only refers to the third time, but since I will embark on my fifth attempt to get my hair done this week, I am banking on number 4.

When I was telling a friend about my third (or was it the fourth?) attempt she responded: It's funny how some people think the president has all the power. When it comes to black women it's the hairdressers. Truer words were never spoken.

Because I didn't want to part with my hard-earned money for lackluster service, I've had to roll out of several hairstyling establishments.

Sleeping Beauty
#1 was a salon that came recommended. I walked in and there was someone slumped over the reception desk, sleeping. After barely being acknowledged and spending 20 minutes listening to an in-depth analysis of P. Diddy's umpteenth installment of Making the Band, I left. When I went to introduce myself to my would-be stylist to tell her I was leaving she said, "You can't wait?"

Got the Message?
#2 was a salon that I didn't actually visit. I spent a week or so just trying to get the required initial consultation scheduled. I called and then had to wait for someone to call me back to get my info so they could leave a message for a stylist who would call me to schedule my this mandatory consultation. After consulting with them, I would then be given the privilege of making an actual appointment to get my hair done. The stylist took days to call me back, and since I wasn't home, left me a message. When I called her back and left her a message, she didn't return my call. When I called the salon, they said I should call the DC location. "But I did call the DC number," I countered. "Oh, well they have routed their calls here to Silver Spring."

I Can't Stand the Rain

#3 was a salon I'd been to before. The failure of this attempt was my fault. If I'd given myself enough driving time to make allowance for the fact that no one wants to drive above 30 mph when it rains in DC, I might have made it to my appointment. The extra 20 minutes I'd added wasn't enough to offset the rain and the wrong turn I made. When I called from the road, they said I might very far away and that I might was well not show up.

Color Me Gone

#4 was the salon where the stylist greeted me at the door by saying that her shop had recently been robbed. She handed me a box and told me to go to the beauty supply store next door to pick up hair color made by the same brand as the box she'd given me. It is common for people to buy bring hair with them for braids and weaves, but this was unusual. When we'd discussed the appointment over the phone, the stylist failed to mention that hair color was an a la carte item.

And so, my hair remains uncut and uncolored. For now...


Sharon said...

Don't give up,I've finally found someone who does a good job. I just have to make sure I make the FIRST appointment of the day so I don't have to wait - too long.

joy said...

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Chrystibella said...

My stylist used to do a wonderful job when my hair was long but he just can't seem to cut the short style that I want.

I did have it cut somewhere else once and she did it perfectly. He was able to keep it trimmed until the shape wore out.

My problem is, I've been going to him for 11 years and he's also a good friend who gives me excellent service. Just not the cut I have in mind. =(

I could tell his feelings were hurt when I went to someone else. I've decided that I can't keep going to him if I don't get the cut I want. That would be silly. LOL!

It is hard to find a good stylist and when you do, they are like gold.

Good luck in your quest!

Lilly's Life said...

Oh my goodness I so hear what you are saying. My beloved hairdresser went overseas and since then I have been on a quest to find one half way decent. No luck and lots of disasters. My hair is the colour and texture of straw. I always made appointments early in the morning because I always think they will be better at their game and less tired at that time.
Quite frankly most of them could have been drinking all morning and it wouldnt have made a difference.
It a tough job I guess but surely there must be more good than bad ones out there.

Oh and when you do find someone let me know and I will jump on a plane because my hair is important to me. I just know that at this rate I am going to be one of those old ladies with hair down to their ankles (all because I couldn't find a decent stylist). Ohhh!

jb said...

Thanks for the encouragement, ladies.

Anonymous said...

Ah, dear it will work out.