Monday, December 29, 2008

You Never Know: The Mid-Life Anti-Crisis Edition

Having just returned from ye old homestead, I have to say that as much as we all say "you never know" ...well, you really never know.

There wasn't any unexpected news from my peers. Some people got married, had kids, some are in back in school, some aren't, etc., etc.

The real surprises came from people who were older than me, like a former boss and a former teacher.

An old (and rather unscrupulous) boss is now an evangelist. My father said she started discussing scripture with him when he ran into her last.

And one of my teachers who used to organize yearly bus trips to a far away place...ended up marrying one of the bus drivers and moving to Prince Edward Island in Canada.

(And can I add that this just seems like a fairy tale ending for an Anne of Green Gables devotee, such as myself?)


Monica said...

wow, that's a great fairy tale ending. I did a report on PEI in grade school. It sounds like a great place to go after you meet the person of your dreams. (but that's a dream all on it's own)

D. Bradley said...

Well, as you say one never knows. Hopefully,you enjoyed your visit back to the homestead.