Sunday, December 21, 2008

Let Me Upgrade You: The ever-so-exciting sequel to Up or Down

So as I was trudging through some work at the office with the interesting elevators that I mentioned last week, my supervisor came by to tell me to feel free to stop by the office Holiday party. I thought it would be pizza and pop.

Turns out it was an exquisitely catered affair with tablecloths and a tantalizing menu that included crab cakes, spinach pie, corn souffle, brisket, pumpkin cheesecake and tiny mice made of chocolate mousse, among other delicacies. Plus, there WAS a sketch artist to draw caricatures of staff, if they chose to sit for such a portrait.

The highlight of the afternoon was the door prizes. They gave away the mundane (t-shirts and the fabulous (40 hrs. vacation time, 2 free airline tickets). But then there was one rather odd offering: a one-way fare upgrade?!

Everyone paused and groaned at that one. And before someone trots out some saying about being grateful, let me just say that even the CEO who was calling out numbers for these prizes commented unfavorably on this "prize."

The unexpected upgrade of a free gourmet lunch seems better than a one-way fare upgrade...

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spleeness said...

That's hilarious!

I love hearing about bizarre gift items. Last Christmas Dan and I were filling up the tank at a gas station when we saw a sign for gas station gift cards. "Nothing says Happy Holidays like a full tank of gas!" the ad screamed. We laughed about that, you can just imagine how excited someone would be.

But a one-way fare? Now that is really odd. At least you can get HOME on a tank of gas.

BTW I am loving your blog!!