Friday, August 29, 2008

They Still Don't Get It

Last week I went to a networking event that was co-sponsored by an all-female networking group and a mostly male one. Several gentlemen approached me and others to ask why such an all-female networking event existed. And they asked: well, couldn't we just start an all-male networking group? Sure. It's called corporate America. And there is another one called patriarchal society. (Now there's a phrase I haven't thrown around since I left the all-female college I attended.)

One was disappointed when we all responded in a calm, logical fashion. Maybe he wanted us to get all upset. They say the don't like it, but some men really like when women get angry. This particular gentleman went on to complain that when he looked at the agenda for a program sponsored by an all-female networking group, he though it looked excellent and very informative...but he didn't want to go because he didn't feel comfortable since it was going to be a group of mostly women.


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Anonymous said...

Ha, you should have said: "Welcome..."