Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Ben's Chili Bowl!

"Take a picture of a menu with some Pepto."

This was the art direction I received from a friend as we discussed how I wanted to blog about Ben's 50th anniversary, but had forgotten my camera. Good idea. I've taken similar pics for other posts.

We were at Ben's since this weekend marks 50 years that Ben and crew have been dishing out chili,etc. to Washington DC. That is a long time for anyone to be in business, let alone someone in the food/service industry. The sign advising who can eat free ("Bill Cosby and no one else.") is still there, and someone stuck a few 50th Anniversary stickers on it. I had to agree with my friend: it still makes you chuckle every time, no matter who many times you see it. (Cosby has been an ardent supporter of Ben's for most of its 50 years.)

For my part, I did not need any Pepto since I only had a piece of cake. My friend and the cashier could not believe that was all I was getting. Hey, it was late at night and I came to offer my congratulations and support, not to get heartburn.


Anonymous said...

Ben's has proven to be a hot spot in the DC metro area. People come from miles around to experience it. What I like so much is that it's a smorghishborg of people all the time. I had the pleasure of going on Friday afternoon with a co-worker whom hadn't ever been before. He wanted to experience it and especially to help commemorate the 50th anniversary. I had to school him a little on how to order so that he knows what he wants, knows what to call it-so he could order it and not hold up the line. It was fun, and he loved the food. Ben comes through time and time again. He came into work this morning, already talking about how he wants to go back! Ben is not only a restaurant, it's a place of food, fellowship, and fun. Better yet, it's a part at anytime of the day!

Sharon said...

Hmmmmmmmm, chili - late at night. What should I do? Right choice!