Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Christ Rock to Remake Kurosawa movie (Or, a blog post in which I refer to a previous blog post-twice)

I just read that Chris Rock is remaking/adapting a movie by Japanese legend Akira Kurosawa and of course that made me think of his Death at a Funeral remake, but the article also reminded me that some of his other movies, like I Think I Love My Wife, were remakes too.

The Kurosawa remake is a surprise though...I may not like all of his movies, but it is a smart move, business-wise. Most American audiences have not seen the originals and you get a proven plot and structure to play around with, without having to start from scratch.

How a Discussion about the "Death at a Funeral" remake reminded me that we still have a ways to go...

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herbanlifestyle said...

I'm a big Chris Rock fan, and a huge Akira Kurosawa fan. I'm just having trouble visualizing how the talents of these two very different men will come together.