Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Wipe Your Mouth on the Welcome Mat

So I know that everyone does not have the same sense of humor and I try to make room for the things that other people think are funny, even when I don't agree...(ok, obviously I'm about to contradict myself here)

But when I take a leap of faith in the common sense of other folks and ask someone to hand me a paper towel, I do not find it funny when that person pretends to wipe their mouth on it first. In order to carry out the pretense, you practically, well, wipe your mouth on it. And I get pissy when I point this out and get some b.s. about how I don't get the "humor" because I 'didn't grow up with a brother, did I?'

As a matter of fact, I did grow up with a brother...on who has the decency not to wipe his mouth on a paper towel before handing it to me (or who at least has the sense not to let me see him if he were to do such a thing).

If you don't know enough about me to know that I have a brother, then maybe you don't want to joke with me. And maybe I need to only entrust such a delicate mission to someone that I know and trust.


spleeness said...

haha! I get skeeved out by that too. Although we're all germophobes in my family, my sister *did* used to torture me by licking her candy bar so I wouldn't ask for a piece. ugh, what a turnoff! It worked, even when I was like 6.

8junebugs said...

I grew up with a brother, but I guess we were a little too strict about hygiene and respecting boundaries. He wouldn't even do this to me, to say nothing of a woman he doesn't know well.

Good grief.

D. Bradley said...

Your handling of the situation was appropriate. He should know no one wants a used napkin etc. and even if it is make believe the thought is disgusting.

inotherwordz said...

8jb- (Lack of) Boundaries. That is the word for it.

DB-Interesting that you assume it was a "he". Actually, it was a woman.