Monday, February 23, 2009

The Shadow Knows

Last night I was on the phone with friends as the Oscars began and one of them took one look at the set and said, "It looks like a game show." She felt this was a sure sign of things to come. And she was right. To put a plug in for one of my favorite literary devices: the look of the set foreshadowed the many Oscars that Slumdog Millionaire would take home.

This sends my mind in two distinct directions--

Snarky: So does this mean that we will see Backyard Bollywood Billionaire and slew of other Slumdog imitators in the next few years?

Serious: How are thing things that are happening in my life right now foreshadowing what is to come?


Mirna said...

All hail my fellow bookworm! :-) I have a love/hate relationship with foreshadowing. A friend of mine passed on "My Sister's Keeper" and, although well written, it so heavily (in so many different ways) foreshadowed the end, that it was almost a waste to read it. Foreshadowing cannot be applied with a heavy hand; it has to be subtle.

inotherwordz said...

I agree--foreshadowing only in moderation (in books). In life, I wouldn't mind a little more, but the problem is I only know it was foreshadowing when I look back :-).