Monday, May 12, 2008

No Peanuts, No Cracker Jacks

This past weekend, I finally went to a game at the new Nats stadium. I'd written a little about it (Root, Root, Root for Three Home Teams), and driven past it, but hadn't actually been inside.

It is a great improvement on RFK. As I approached the Center Field Gate, I heard someone comment that that particular entrance looked like you were walking into a movie theater. I don't know that it has movie theater feel. The entrance does give you a neighborhood ballpark feel, even though most of that attendees probably don't live in the neighborhood.

I don't live very far away, but I chose to trek to RFK and take a shuttle because Metro picked that day to do track work. They warned that people could expect 45 minute delays, so it didn't seem worth it to take the train.

Because a friend's company picked up the tab for the tickets, I decided to make it a true ballpark experience and buy some overpriced food. This didn't happen though because all of the credit/debit card machines in the entire park were down. I was given the option of going to the ATM, but after I saw the food, I thought I'd be better off without it.

Speaking of amenities...they have a playground and their own Build-A-Bear workshop, if you're into that sort of thing.

p.s. I just looked up the score (we left during the 7th or 8th inning): The Marlins beat the Nats 11-0. It was was 10-0 when before I departed. I'd hoped that the Nats would get rid of that goose egg, but it seems they did not.


AJB said...

So the overpriced food isn't worth it huh? I would like to go to a game at some point. Glad to hear(read) that you did on someone else's tab.

Kenya said...

I must sadly admit, that i don't really know how all of this blogging works, but I am glad to know someone that is all over it. What a joy it is to read your thoughts, I think we all should write something sometimes. I can't wait to read your book(have to throw some encouragement in there). I hope to go to a Nats game sometime in the near future and what's surprising is when they were opening the stadium; the food they showed on the news looked pretty good. Very fattening, but still good. TTFN