Thursday, April 10, 2008

Baby Mama

I got a free pass to this movie and though at first I was uninterested, something made me take advantage of the offer. It was smarter (and longer) than I thought. And while there were some stereotypes thrown around, it was entertaining.

As much as I'd like to deny that by their late 30s many career women who followed the rules, put up with a lot of crap, and climbed up the ladder, find themselves more than a little baby crazy, I know this is quite true. So while the main character seemed like a stock character at times, her story still rings true.

It also had elements of the typical Odd Couple narrative: one straitlaced, neat and fussy person vs. one wild, crazy and undisciplined person.

I think because it was written by a woman, there were a lot of nuances and small details that I think a male writer would leave out and that made it more appealing.

With all of the baby mix-ups and false pretenses, I guess it is a Look Who's Talking for this millennium.

Then again, the baby didn't talk, so maybe not...

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AJB said...

I see you changed your theme. I like it. Baby Mama looked funny to me it certainly looked better than that Baby Daddy movie that came out a couple years ago. Speaking of SNL content I saw a skit from SNL poking fun at the Patraeus hearing last week. Hilarious. I had no idea SNL was still relevant let alone topical. But I heard that they revamped the show recently. I gotta find it on youtube if possible. I will sent you the link if I find it.