Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Let's see you make an outfit outta this

I went to a screening of "RENT" last night. Not only did I see the movie for free, but I walked out with a couple of freebies as well. However, I will report that I did not get the long-sleeved t-shirt or the knit hat that had a brim, which where the most coveted items.

What is it about freebies that sends people into a frenzy?

I, for instance, did not make any effort to get the movie poster because if it survived the ride home, it was destined to become yet another dust-collector. More often that not, you end up with something that just sits around, but you are reluctant to get rid of it because you got at no cost. Somehow it has more value because you did not actually pay for it. I am sure some economist has some theory to explain this. Most of us are also proud of the bargains we get, whether they are actual bargains or not. There is a psychological boost that accompanies a great bargain. Or what we perceive to be a great bargain. Nobody loves free stuff more than I do, but even I have become more discriminating (well, sometimes).

So having said that I can tell you what I did get. The promotional people were tossing packets in the air and I reached out for one, not even knowing what all this exertion was for. I got fingerless gloves with the word "RENT" on the knuckles. I have limited use for fingerless gloves, so you'd think I would be finished trying to get free stuff. But, oh no. Moments after pondering what exactly I'd do with fingerless gloves ("They're for playing piano," my friend said.), I reached for the next gift being tossed into the air. Legwarmers. (I love the 80s.) Or perhaps armwarmers. They came attached as a set, but only one of them is embossed with the word "RENT".

Fingerless gloves and legwarmers...hey, winter is approaching.

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